Lockerz - Full Release Coming Soon!

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The popular free prize website Lockerz is currently in beta. They have said before (FrenzieTech confirmed it not very long ago) that they should be out around early 2010. Originally, they were hoping to come out during the Fall of 2009.

Since many members have been bombarding Lockerz with invites, help requests, and prize requests, Lockerz has had to stall their release. As said before, they are expected to be out early 2010 (which is pretty soon since it has not come out yet). In the full release, you can expect:

1. More variety of PTZ Place Prizes
2. More quantity of PTZ Place Prizes
3. More ways to earn PTZ for your PTZ Place Prizes
4. A Lockerz shopping center. If you make a purchase from them, you get PTZ also

Well, are you ready? You should be! When the full-fledged Lockerz comes out, you will be addicted to Lockerz.

Lockerz - New Design!

At Lockerz (the best free prize website in the world), we have a new design! The only real difference is that it makes everything load faster. Before, the website used to be super laggy because of extreme website traffic.

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For more information about Lockerz, all you have to do is visit FrenzieTech's article about it! You can find that here.

Google AdSense Overview

The mass-marketing company Google has created a nice way to make money online with no sign up fee at all! Since the company we are talking about is Google, I am pretty sure that you can trust this program right off the bat. Not to mention, there are many people out there with success stories.

The Google AdSense program is affiliated with advertisements. You might have seen the words "Google Ads" under most of the advertisements you see on those popular websites. This shows you  that this program is fairly popular.

Google AdSense is open to almost every single place in the world. In certain locations, payments are made in different methods. But payments are initially made by check. I am sure everybody likes to see a nice check in their mailboxes.

The AdSense program pays you for serving their advertisements (from their advertising customers) on your website. Anybody who clicks on the advertisements on your website will earn you revenue. So, in order to get money from this program, you must have a website. You also must meet the requirements to apply and get in. The requirements are in Google's AdSense Terms.

A huge problem people face is the disabling of their AdSense account. The main reason people get their account disabled is because of clicking fraud. People will tend to either:

1. Click on their own advertisements purposefully (more than 5 times approximately) to generate revenue
2. Tell people (or promote somewhere on your website) to click on your advertisements

The listed reasons are purposeful. Some people get their accounts disabled from a click attack (somebody repetitively clicks on your advertisements to get your account disabled), or sudden high surge in website traffic. You can keep track of things like this with Google's Google Analytics program. This can help you improve revenue also.

I highly encourage (if you get accepted into this fabulous program) that you do not purposefully do one of the listed frauds. You will not get your account back, and never expect a good advertisement making alternative. Other than that, I hope you have a find day!

If you seek more information about this program, you can go here.

I myself do not have an AdSense account. I am hoping to be successfully registered soon. This is just a heads up for you all who are interested.

How You Can Avoid Online Scams

The internet has been such a huge mark in history. There is basically nobody not familiar with what internet is. But since it has been such a great hit, people have decided to take advantage of it.

Scams = not cool. Most of the people on the internet has been scammed or hacked at least once. And when this happens, it can lead into huge trouble. Techion is here to help you avoid these vicious scams. This will not 100% guarantee that you will not be scammed. I myself have been scammed quite a few times, and I have found ways to help myself avoid them. This is what I will be sharing today, so here goes my list of ways to avoid scams:

1. Use Google - research the product or website using the best search engine in the world. Somebody else might have been scammed long before you, so why not take a look?
2. Read the Terms of Use/Terms of Service - many scams that claim to be who they are would most likely have a corrupt Terms of Use or Terms of Service. What I mean by corrupt is that it is not professional. Have a look at Microsoft's Terms of Use on their products and compare them to the website or product that you taking precautions of.
3. Don't even try signing up for the website/trying the product. This is the easiest way to avoid scams.

With these three rules, you are most likely not going to be scammed. But as I said, there is no 100% guarantee or anything. Just always be careful at all times. Have a good day!

Sibelius - Modern Music Composition

Many people unfortunately have no idea that there are programs like Sibelius that can create neat music compositions. With technology improving, it is best to take advantage of it.

Sibelius is an easy program to use. Many have said that Sibelius is by far much more easier to use than the competitor music composition program called Finale. People who are professionals at music composition would prefer Finale over Sibelius because of its great features. Sure it has great features, but it is immensely difficult to use compared to Sibelius.

Sibelius 6 is the most recent version of Sibelius. This awesome program is able to compose music (of course), and even play back what you have just composed. If you are a string instrument player, you would soon realize that Sibelius will never play something out of tune, providing a very a good idea of what your composition will sound like.

With the play back feature, it is much easier to catch mistakes. By just looking at the notes, you might not be able to catch it as easily. Just sit back and hit the play button while you enjoy the great feature and catch your mistakes.

The company that created Sibelius also provides mini tutorials on how to do certain things with your music compositions. If you would like, you could hook up with a Sibelius teacher to learn every single feature of Sibelius and implement them into your compositions, making them much more effective.

Sibelius 6 is able to support Mac OS X Operating systems with a version of 10.4 or higher, including the Leopard and Snow Leopard operating systems. This feature has been waited for a significant amount of time. Well, the time has finally come.

Get Sibelius 6 today and start composing!